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Genève is a singer, songwriter, and producer. Her unique sound is a fusion of classical elements and catchy rhythms revolving around soulful anthemic vocals.

Music has been a constant in Genève's life from a young age, first singing and playing instruments to later writing and producing. Her travels throughout Europe and Asia have played a pivotal role in inspiring her identity, by bringing her more knowledge and understanding of the world. This, intertwined with her spirituality, remains a core influence on her musical style and writing. 

A common theme throughout Genève's music is self-empowerment, unification, and beating the odds. She utilizes her life struggles and experiences to relate to and help others who may be going through similar pitfalls. She was able to independently build herself up and persevere until she not only was singing, writing, and solely producing all of her own music, but is now moving on to writing, producing, editing, filming, and even creating her own visual effects for her music videos and visual content. She hopes that her endeavors will help inspire the next generation, especially girls, to show them that there are no limits to what can be accomplished. 

She recently released her single "Orbit", which has gotten overwhelmingly positive feedback, and launched her into the Billboard Dance Charts. She will be following "Orbit" with several more single releases, along with an EP and full-length album in 2019.